Cosmos (ATOM) recently reached the spotlight following the expansion of its ecosystem, where POKT Network announced that the Shannon Public Testnet went live and is a Layer-1 chain that builds a decentralized RPC infrastructure that’s coming to the Interchain. 

The Stacks (STX) crypto is also at an uptrend, as according to data from Signal21, the network has seen a steep rise in wallets getting created on the leading Bitcoin Layer-2 in 2024. Alongside them, the Rollblock (RBLK) presale has raised over $500,000 and is up 20% in value. At this rate, it can see a monumental rise, and to see which crypto could have 3,000% upside potential, we will go over all of them individually.

Cosmos emerges as one of the best Altcoins to invest in following expansion

Cosmos (ATOM) is becoming a major competitor in the industry with its ever-evolving ecosystem and integrations. Just recently, the POKT Network announced that it is coming to the Interchain, which can increase Cosmos crypto utility and usage.

With the utilization of the network’s Interchain Stack, the POKT Network will gain access to advanced blockchain technologies and connect with over 100 IBC-enabled chains. 

The Cosmos price is up during the past week as it broke above the $8.50 price barrier, and now has $9 as the major resistance point that it needs to pass to regain momentum. According to the Cosmos price prediction, it can end Q4 of 2024 at $12, positioning ATOM as one of the best altcoins to invest in.

Stacks price breaks Above $2 – Can it move to $3 next?

Stacks (STX) has also reached a monumental milestone, as according to data from Signal21, the cumulative unique wallets chart has risen significantly. The Stacks crypto usage has also spiked, as it has seen a steep rise in new wallets getting created on this leading Bitcoin Layer-2 during 2024. 

According to the Stacks price chart, it has risen above the $2 price barrier and could soon reach new heights, as the RSI and MACD data are both positive. The sentiment is now bullish, and based on the Stacks price prediction, the crypto can end Q4 of 2024 at $2.84.

Rollblock (RBLK) positioned as one of the top Altcoins to buy as it raises over $500,000 and nears end of stage 2 presale

Rollblock (RBLK)’s recent 20% price increase and over $500,000 raised position it as a dominant force in the industry with strong investor sentiment, and analysts are now projecting a $1 million fundraising milestone, which can make it one of the most prominent players in the GameFi space.

Beyond the hype surrounding presale tokens, RBLK boasts a unique advantage as it is linked to a licensed and fully-operational online casino platform. This platform leverages blockchain technology as a means of providing a transparent, secure and efficient gambling experience. Moreover, unlike traditional casinos, Rollblock also prioritizes user privacy with a sign-up process that does not require any Know-Your-Customer (KYC0 procedure. This fosters global accessibility, but it’s not the only stand-out feature, as Rollblock also introduces a unique revenue-sharing model. 

A portion of the weekly earnings gets allocated towards token buybacks. Half of these tokens then get permanently removed from circulation through a burn mechanism,  effectively reducing supply and potentially driving up the price. The remaining half is distributed as staking rewards, incentivizing long-term holders and cultivating an active loyal community. Currently at $0.012 during Stage 2 of the presale, RBLK presents a compelling point of entry for traders, as following its listing on Tier-1 CEXs in Q3, 2024, analysts project a 3,000% price increase, positioning it as one of the best altcoins to buy.

Why these Altcoins have a massive upside potential

Cosmos’s ecosystem is rapidly expanding, which can result in heightened token utility and demand in the long term. Stacks, on the other hand, are seeing far more usage, as more wallets than ever before are utilizing their capabilities. Yet, the presale behind Rollblock has been a major hit and, at this rate, has the potential to see significant gains and dominate the charts in 2024 and beyond.

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