Temperatures will reach 40 degrees Celsius again inland on Saturday, with the sweltering heat showing no signs of abating.

However, it will also rain, heavily in places.

The coasts will be marginally cooler, with temperatures on the west coast set to reach a high of 34 degrees Celsius and temperatures on the rest of the coasts set to reach a high of 36 degrees Celsius.

In the mountains, temperatures will reach a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.

Winds may also be strong during the afternoon across the island, blowing as strong as five on the Beaufort scale.

Overnight, the skies are set to remain clear in most parts, though there may be increased low cloud in some areas and light mist in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Temperatures will drop to 25 degrees Celsius inland, 26 degrees Celsius on the south and east coasts, 23 degrees on the west and north coasts, and 18 degrees in the mountains.

Clear weather is expected to continue through Sunday and Monday, though with some clouds, and even potential rain and possible storms in the mountains and some inland areas. On Tuesday, sunny weather is expected across the board.

Sunday will also see a slight drop in temperatures, though the mercury will begin to rise again on Monday and Tuesday.