With the United Kingdom’s general election just three weeks away, British political parties are vying to win the votes of both diaspora Cypriots in the UK and British citizens around the world.

Targeting Cypriots in the UK is the Labour Party, which has created the Labour Cypriot Society, and is “calling on Cypriots up and down the country to vote for change and cast their vote for the Labour Party.

“The general election will be a choice between a weak and divided Conservative Party that has crashed our economy, decimated public services, and diminished our international standing, and a dynamic, progressive Labour Party that will deliver for our community,” it said.

In addition, it pointed out there is an estimated population of more than 300,000 Cypriots in the UK, and that the Cypriot community in the country can “play a significant role in this election”.

With this in mind, they pointed out that the Labour Party is fielding three candidates who belong to the UK’s Cypriot diaspora: Bambos Charalambous in the Southgate and Wood Green constituency, Nesil Caliskan in the Barking constituency, and Andrew Achilleos in the Romford constituency.

They also pointed to seven constituencies where they believe the Cypriot diaspora can play a particular “significant role”: Chipping Barnet, Finchley and Golders Green, Hendon, the Cities of London and Westminster, Chelsea and Fulham, Watford and Wimbledon.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats unveiled their manifesto on Monday, making a pitch to British citizens abroad, and particularly in Europe.

Their manifesto “outlies a series of proposals aimed at boosting the UK economy by investing in green infrastructure and skills, while tackling the climate crisis.”

It also highlights the party’s ambition to fix the country’s broken relationship with Europe, forge a new partnership built on cooperation, not confrontation, and move to conclude a new comprehensive agreement that removes as many barriers as possible.

July’s election will be the first to be held since the UK changed its electoral law to allow its citizens living outside the country to vote.

It is believed there are over 40,000 British citizens currently living in Cyprus, with over three million people worldwide having been re-enfranchised when the law was passed in January.

Those registered will vote in the parliamentary constituency of their most recent address in the UK and will be able to vote either by post or by sending a proxy voter to a polling station.

The deadline for voter registration for the forthcoming election is June 19 at 1.59am Cyprus time.

Voters from England, Scotland and Wales can register to vote online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote, while voters from Northern Ireland must fill out a paper form available at www.eoni.org.uk/register-to-vote/special-category-registration and email it to [email protected].