By Kyriacos Shimillas, Pronomia Loyalty Scheme Product Manager at Bank of Cyprus

At Bank of Cyprus, we are constantly striving to innovate and provide unique value to our customers. As an expression of this commitment, we recently introduced the “pronomia” loyalty scheme – a leading initiative designed to express our gratitude to our loyal customers by offering them an array of exclusive rewards and benefits.

The “pronomia” loyalty scheme is a pioneering effort, rewarding each client’s overall relationship and cooperation with Bank of Cyprus.

This initiative is our way of saying thank you to those who have placed their trust in us over the years.

It is tailored specifically for our customers (physical persons), aiming to recognize and reward their loyalty through a structured system of tiers and benefits.

The scheme categorizes customers into three tiers—Silver, Gold, and Diamond—based on the number of products and services they hold and the extent of their cooperation with the Bank and its subsidiaries, Eurolife and Genikes Insurance.

Joining Made Easy

Participation in the “pronomia” scheme is free and straightforward. Customers can join via the BoC Mobile App or Internet Banking. Once enrolled, they will be notified of their tier, based on their existing relationship with the bank. To qualify for “pronomia,” a customer must meet four minimum requirements: monthly income deposited into the bank, Bank of Cyprus cardholder, active 1bank subscriber and reliable and credible customer.

For entry into the Silver tier, an additional product, such as a loan, current account with a limit, credit card, or an insurance product from Eurolife or Genikes Insurance, is required. As the client’s cooperation with the bank increases, their tier is upgraded, enjoying progressively greater benefits.

If a client does not initially meet the minimum requirements for a tier, they will be informed via the BoC Mobile app or Internet Banking about what is missing to qualify for the Silver tier. This transparency ensures that customers have a clear path to enhancing their benefits by expanding their relationship with the Bank. The tiers of “pronomia” scheme are upgraded automatically.

Our system daily reviews customer data to determine eligibility for tier upgrades, ensuring a seamless transition as soon as the criteria are met. Clients are promptly notified of their tier changes via push notifications through the BoC Mobile app.

A Wealth of Benefits

Each tier of the “pronomia” scheme comes with its own set of privileges. These include additional antamivi points, lower interest rates on new loans, discounts on new insurance products, free initial bank fees on new loans, discounts, vouchers and participation in exclusive events. The detailed list of benefits for each tier is available on the Scheme’s website, ensuring clients can easily access and understand the benefits available to them.

Additional “Antamivi” Points

Silver tier members receive 25 per cent extra antamivi points, Gold tier members earn double points, and Diamond tier members earn triple points. These additional points are granted only through the use of Bank of Cyprus credit cards at all antamivi participating businesses.

The “pronomia” loyalty scheme embodies Bank of Cyprus’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. It is our heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers, providing tangible rewards and benefits that enhance their overall banking experience. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to continuing to serve our customers with excellence and innovation.