The strategic dialogue signed between Cyprus and the US is historic and marks a recognition of the role the Republic has in the wider region, President Nikos Christodoulides said on Tuesday.

Asked whether in light of the agreement, the conditions are ready for Cyprus to apply for NATO membership, Christodoulides underlined this is not an option at the moment, considering Turkey’s longstanding position and veto power.

Nonetheless, the president described Monday’s agreement as a historic one that will help the cooperation of both countries in the fields of energy, investment and trade relations.

He also spoke of the role Cyprus has in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East as a predictable, stable and reliable partner.

The president said that the agreement strengthens the status of the Republic of Cyprus even more.

Invited to comment on Monday’s informal European Council in Brussels, Christodoulides said that there was a first exchange of views and that he will travel to Brussels next week as well.

He noted that it is important to reach an agreement as soon as possible adding that the Plenary of the European Parliament is set to take place in July and September.

The goal, he said, is for the President of the Commission to be approved by the European Parliament in July so that work can begin immediately as there are many challenges ahead.

Christodoulides added that next week the strategic agenda of the EU will be approved, which sets the priorities for the next five years and which are of immediate interest.

He referred to the EU’s strategic autonomy in matters of energy, security, defence, migration, the need to strengthen competitiveness, adding that these issues should ‘run’ immediately.

Christodoulides said that at the moment, there is an election process in the US and the UK, while the wars in Ukraine and Gaza are ongoing. The name of the President of the Commission, he said, must be approved as soon as possible, so we can start work, he highlighted.