Consistent changes in the number of members of the Cypriot delegation of the Cypriot Olympic Committee to the Games of Small States in 2023, as well as the number of flights created significant increases in travel costs, the Audit Office said on Wednesday.

The report also added that significant increases were incurred in the costs for the event, due to the fact sponsors, and TV crews were given free hospitality packages outside of the event budget.

The report relates to the audit of the expenditure of the committee for the games and was carried out at the request of the vice-chairman of the Ethics and Sports Protection Committee, in view of what was discussed during the relevant sessions of the House ethics committee.

Τhe total cost of the participation of Cyprus in the above-mentioned games, amounted to €616,177.

It is noted that an amount of €31,500 was granted to committee by the organisers of the games as a subsidy for Cyprus’ participation and was recorded as income and consequently, the net cost of the games, based on the committee’s balance sheet, amounted to €584,677.

The cost of accommodation and food for the delegation amounted to €322,708 and the cost of transport to €156,731.

However, the Audit Office found that there were further expenditures as the number of people going to the games kept changing, and several flights were rescheduled due to cancellations, which created an extra cost.