In cooperation with First Boutique and Agapi Gallery, artist Taras Yoom showcases artworks that are part of the Yoomoota art universe, complete with its own planets and inhabitants, mirroring the fantastical inner world of mankind. The show is located at the flagship First Boutique store in Limassol Del Mar and will be on from June 22 to July 22.

Taras Yoom is an award-winning artist based in Bangkok, a participant in multiple international exhibitions in Brussels, Milan, Paris, Bangkok and Beijing, and the creator of the Yoomoota collection, known for incorporating his knowledge of biology and nature into design and art projects with a personalised approach. Before receiving his degree in medicine and using his creativity in a hospital, he turned his attention to art. This blend of experiences led to the fusion of design, artistic expression and biophysics in his mind. Today, he defines his style as biomorphic surrealism.

The exhibition showcases multidisciplinary artworks spanning sculptures, paintings, collectible design objects, furniture, and more. Drawing inspiration from the multidimensional and deeply investigative methodology of the master Leonardo da Vinci, the artist engages with art as a sophisticated means of delving into the intricate interplay between the structure of humanity and the world.

In his masterpieces, Yoom sets a new art trend that combines natural forms and lines of the human body with animation style and pertinent surrealism elements. The Yoomoota universe itself is a reflection of the inner world and natural structure of a human being.

This world, consisting of a vast realm of handcrafted and innovative pieces, is a profound reflection that takes shape as a parallel universe. Viewers will find pieces representing various aspects of human existence, such as emotions, the body, addictions, pleasures, sins, knowledge cravings, and childhood.

Among the other participants of the pop-up exhibition are international art projects such as Sisters in Art, creating unique pieces from children’s toys; Maxine Lhermet, working in futuristic and nostalgic styles; and Lukas Avalon, a Monaco-based artist turning the origins of street art onto the canvas.

Yoomoota’s Art Universe

Exhibition with international artist Taras Yoom. June 22-July 22. Limassol Del Mar, Limassol. Monday – Sunday: 10am-8pm. Tel: 25-510888