Cyprus is ready to assist the Greek authorities to fight the fires currently raging in the country, chief fire officer Nikos Logginos said on Saturday.

Speaking on CyBC radio, he said he had had a new communication with the chief of the Greek Fire Brigade, reiterating Cyprus’ readiness to send personnel to Greece but he said he had been told that the fires are in remission and there are no active fronts.

He said Cyprus currently has a significant number of firefighting aircraft at its disposal.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis said that after consultation with the President, instructions were given to Logginos to communicate and express the readiness of Cyprus to assist in extinguishing the fires in Greece.

According to Hartsiotis, the Greek side expressed their warm thanks, adding they will come back if necessary, depending on the situation on the fire fronts.

Late on Friday afternoon Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou contacted the Greek Minister of Climate Crisis Vassilis Kikilias, expressing the island’s solidarity and willingness to assist wherever and in whatever way needed.

In Greece, some 120 firefighters, assisted by dozens of engines, were deployed to tame forest fires in Achaia region, which spread fast to the nearby district of Ilia and raged uncontrolled.

Residents of several villages in the fire-afflicted areas were told to flee their homes, while some used small buckets to assist in firefighting.

The risk of wildfires remains high for Saturday.