George Coucounis

George Coucounis

George Coucounis is a regular guest columnist for the Cyprus Mail on legal property issues. He is the founder and Managing Director of Coucounis Law


image The rights of property co-owners
image Time limit for filing summons for directions
image Power to set aside arbitral award
image We need strong municipalities with strong mayors
image Registration of a trust at the land registry
image Requesting information from the land registry
image Agreement for the reservation of property
image Appointment of a company liquidator
image Agreement termination and parties’ rights
image A contract induced by undue influence
image Licences for state housing
image Discharge of a mortgage
image Termination of a property sale contract
image Setting aside judgement for failure to appear
image Removal of a sale contract from the land registry
image The reach of a property’s management committee
image Execution of a will by a disabled person
image Admissibility of an appeal against an acquittal