George Coucounis

George Coucounis

George Coucounis is a regular guest columnist for the Cyprus Mail on legal property issues. He is the founder and Managing Director of Coucounis Law


image Leave of the court of liquidation covers appeal
image The content of Type IA notice to a mortgagor
image Erection of extra floor by developer
image Breach of a contract of consideration
image The right to know the reasons for being sued
image Referral of a preliminary question to the ECJ
image The property market is flying in Larnaca
image Waived or abandoned court judgment
image Waived or abandoned court judgment
image The court determines the fair rent once
image A sale contract tailor-made for the vendor
image Resolving cohabitation disputes
image The value of a bond in customary form
image Recovery of property for own use
image Succession of a statutory tenant
image Revocation of termination of tenancy
image Larnaca is redefining itself for tourism and investment
image Requirements for deposition of sale contracts
image Grant of exclusive use of a family home
image Requirements for deposition of sales contract
image Protection of the right to a prior hearing