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Technology and Modern Learning: The ins and outs

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Today, students learn by actually researching, doing, and getting constructive feedback from their teachers rather than just listening to them talk

There are has been a drastic drift in education’s ecosystem in recent times. The focus of education has certainly shifted from cramming and memorization to problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Moreover, today, students are not only seeking good education. Involvement of technology and flexibility are two of the most important motivational factors for today’s generation. As technology advanced, there were tools that were designed specifically for schools.

The modern learning environment now looks to adopt those tools and make the learning experience for students extraordinary. It started by adopting stand-alone computer labs and now has reached the point where schools are investing in learning management systems.

An LMS is a digital tool that makes the learning experience engaging and exciting. You can create your own content as per the relevance of students, use leaderboards and badges, and induce social learning in your teaching methods.

The more social the students are, the more motivated they will be to attend the sessions. Thanks to the plenty of LMS pricing models, many schools and corporates are considering connecting technology with a modern learning environment, while keeping in touch with the trends.

In this article, you can learn about how beneficial it is to combine technological advancement with the advancement in learning.

  • Easy discussions and debate boards

 Thanks to the world of the Internet and various software, students are now capable of forming online groups and other communities virtually that help them stay connected. Even when they are attending distance learning, students can now indulge in real-time discussions and debates with their fellow students or teachers.

Since it’s real-time, they also get a chance to receive feedback in an instant from their teachers. Moreover, when students are involved in discussions with others, they get more perspectives and can refine their thinking further.

  • Experiencing real-world issues

 Modern learning circles around problem-solving skills and critical thinking of students, the focus has shifted from making them cram their teachings. Instead, students are now expected to use the real-world problems and issues in classrooms today which helps them prepare for what’s truly out there.

This helps students understand that their teachings are not going to get wasted and this helps them get stay motivated to learn further.

  • Increased and active engagement

 Gone are the days when it was a task to engage students. Thanks to the advancement in technology, learning is now more interactive in nature. Today, students learn by actually researching, doing, and getting constructive feedback from their teachers rather than just listening to them talk.

This helps students get a much more clear idea of how things are and why they are. Take studying Geography for example. Students can now move on from their books and learn with the help of Google Maps or Google Earth.

  • Social learning

 Human beings are very social in nature. At least a majority of them. Thus, when you combine that with learning, it can become a lot easier for you to keep your students engaged. When you involve technology, like a web conferencing tool in your learning experience, students understand that they are not alone or learning by themselves.

With such tools, students can actually get involved in various group activities, debates, and discussions, which pushes them to stay engaged with the class.

  • Effective assessment

 When students are offered technology as a method of learning, teachers also expect them to not only learn the concepts but also the technology resources that they are being given.

These sorts of assessments are usually focused on problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Teachers can actually turn out to be their coach who facilitates and provide constructive feedback in real-time. Students can thus achieve a deeper sense of understanding quickly.


Technology combined with modern learning ensures that students are often motivated to engage with the classes that are being held. Thus, make sure you don’t see the Internet as your threat. Instead, it is time you leveraged the digital revolution.

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