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Tackling common misconceptions about stress

In this video, business and life coach Tatev Petrosyan tackles some common misconceptions about one of the biggest banes of modern life… stress.

Most of us assume stress is a result of our external circumstances, she explains, whereas in reality, it is a feeling that gets created inside our mind, and we are not at its mercy.

What is more, she continues, we should not resign ourselves to stress being an inevitable, unavoidable part of our daily life, neither should we believe it is a necessary ingredient of productivity. Neither of these beliefs is true.

Such prevalent misconceptions keep us in a state of agitation, damage our mental wellbeing and cause us to underperform, she cautions. Yet, it is possible to live a life free of the oppression of stress, with the first step being to shed these limiting beliefs.

To learn more about Tatev Petrosyan’s Life Coaching practice, and to see if her approach might benefit you, click here, or contact her directly at: [email protected]

View the original video here.

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