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Are geniuses real? The neuroscience and myths of visionaries

In this video, thought leaders from three different background discuss (and debunk) the myths commonly perpetuated about what it means to be a genius or a visionary.

And one of the most prevalent myths is that amazing innovation always originates with a central, demi-godlike figure, but how often do these “geniuses” actually operate in creative silos?

Tim Sanders, former chief strategy officer at Yahoo, argues that there are three myths getting in the way of innovative ideas and productive collaborations: the myths of the expert, the eureka moment, and the “lone inventor”.

Next, we shift the lens to creativity.

More than an innate quality reserved for an elite group, neuroscientist Heather Berlin and neurobiologist Joy Hirsch explain how creativity looks in the brain, and how – given opportunity, resources and attitude – we could all be like Bach, Beethoven and Steve Jobs.

Do you agree or disagree? Leave your own thoughts in the comment section of this post, below.

View the original video here.

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