Two more children aged four and seven have been transferred to the paediatric ward at Makarios hospital with coronavirus, director of the ward Avraam Elia said on Wednesday.

The two children are siblings and were moved from Limassol general hospital on Tuesday, Elia told Cybc.

The children are being monitored and in a stable condition. The youngest, a girl, was dehydrated and needed to receive fluids but is currently out of danger, Elia said, adding that the month-old baby admitted to the paediatric ward on Monday is also in a good condition.

Finally, Elia remarked that with the new measure relaxations there might be more children contracting coronavirus, but this shouldn’t worry parents too much as the virus rarely affects children to a dangerous degree, he said.

“As I have already said, all children who have passed through the paediatric ward after contracting Covid-19 have recovered. What is important is to properly monitor them if they catch the virus” he said.