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Public urged to refocus on versatile, natural, green-friendly wool

The sheep population in Europe is nearly 100 million but there is not enough knowledge about what to do with wool.

The public has been invited to attend a special event on April 9, the first European Wool Day, to learn about the importance of this valuable resource for a green economy.

The event, set to take place in Riverland bio farm in Nicosia, is organised by the EWE (European Wool Exchange) Foundation. The aim is to inform people about the circular economy of sheep wool which has many uses instead of ending up as organic waste.

“We have learned to recycle plastic, paper and glass, now is the time to recycle the wonderful natural source of sheep wool,” organisers said.

The Cyprus-based EWE Foundation said they have decided to launch a European Wool Day “and we have chosen the 9th of April because it was a ‘free date’ and because in many countries it coincides with the shearing season.”

It said that the sheep population in Europe is nearly 100 million but there is not enough knowledge about what to do with wool.

According to EWE founder and chairman, Dr Alberto Costa, a lot of greasy wool is exported mainly to China and India and then processed in these countries to be re-exported again in different forms. He said that very little wool remains in the European country of origin for textile purposes.

Another issue raised is how much more environment-friendly wool is compared with synthetic fibres that may be much cheaper “but are polluting our oceans”.

The event will host participation from more than 25 European countries, with each group presenting its wool-related activities. Topics include history, origin, wool management, sheep farming and crop wool, the diversity of sheep breeds and their wool, the need for animal shearing, wool sorting and cleaning, wool museums, therapeutic knitting, the textile industry, wool as an insulating tool and as a fertiliser.

The event will be open to the public from 10 am until late afternoon, organisers said.


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