Police booked a record 13 businesses for breaching coronavirus protocols during the 24 hours until Thursday morning, 11 of them cafés and restaurants where customers were served indoors. One of the cases will be heard in court because people were found dancing inside the premises.

Two of the businesses are located in Paphos and 11 in Nicosia, police reported.

A total of 11,430 checks were carried out and 163 individuals were fined as a result.

The numbers in detail are:

Nicosia: 2,849 checks, 52 individuals, 11 premises booked

Limassol: 2,205 checks, 53 booked

Larnaca: 1,561 checks, 21 booked

Paphos: 1,084 checks, 20 individuals, 2 premises booked

Famagusta: 1,624 checks, 12 booked

Morphou: 1,076 checks, no bookings

Traffic police: 1,031 checks, 5 booked

Most individuals were booked for not wearing masks or not having sent an SMS to ask for permission of movement. A number disregarded the 11pm curfew, and in some cases too many passengers were travelling in one vehicle.