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Understanding the mind-body connection in taming stress

In this video, business and life coach Tatev Petrosyan takes us on a deeper dive into the power of the mind-body connection, and its role in handling stress.

Many of us are aware of the so-called placebo effect – wherein a person’s mindset can, it is theorised, lead to physical symptoms after taking a fake pill or treatment as part of a medical study – for no other reason but that the participant believed it would have such an effect.

But how many of us truly understand that stress, too – how much or how little of it we experience – is an expression of our individual mindset? Understanding this, means we also understand there can be no one-size-fits-all formula to eliminating it. What we perceive as stressful today, may well be different tomorrow.

The moment someone grasps the role of the mind-body connection when it comes to stress, they realise that handling stress is an ‘inside-out’ job. In other words, it comes down to working on our mindset, our habitual thoughts, and not our external circumstances, which makes the difference.

Many of us spend long hours working to improve our fitness and physical abilities, in the hope of living a better life. Yet few understand that efforts to clean up our mindset are as important in achieving that goal.

Ultimately, while outside events are rarely in our control, by making a commitment to disentangling our identification with our mental patterns, we can rise above the perceived stressors that arise, day to day.

To learn more about Tatev Petrosyan’s Life Coaching practice, and to see if her approach might benefit you, click here, or contact her directly at: [email protected].

View the original video here.

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