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How to fix iPhone black screen and iPhone stuck in recovery mode

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iPhones may be the best phone in the world but it’s never totally free from issues which may be either software or hardware related. There are several issues users of iPhones may experience including  iPhone black screen and iPhone stuck in recovery mode. iPhone black screen is a software or hardware issue that makes a device stops functioning by turning the screen into a black screen of death even when the device is on. Recovery mode refers to a special state that is activated when your phone’s operating system is affected. Here, it becomes impossible to use your iPhone if it’s stuck in recovery mode.

Fortunately, there are steps on how to fix iPhone black screen and iPhone stuck in recovery mode. This article explicitly elaborated on the causes of these issues and recommends the perfect solution. You may want to try Dr.Fone–System repair (iOS) which offers an optimal solution to the iOS system issue.

Causes of iPhone Black Screen

Your screen can’t just turn black if nothing has gone wrong. The following may be the causes why your device is in such a state:

  • iPhone Jailbreaking: If your iPhone undergoes a firmware modification, this may result in software issues that may affect the device’s functionality and performance and eventually result in the iPhone black screen of death or other issues such as the iPhone white screen of death and iPhone error 4013.
  • Hardware damage: It’s advisable to treat every device with care especially an iPhone. This is because when it’s not properly handled and something goes wrong with the hardware (such as dropping the device accidentally on the floor or in water, or unsuccessful screen replacement), it may affect the display leading to iPhone black screen.
  • Battery Issue: Sometimes, iPhone black screen may be caused by a low battery. A low battery can be because the software of the device tends to prevent battery damage by stopping the device from charging due to the moisture or dirt detected.
  • Failed software update: You may expect iPhone black screen if updating the operating system of your device fails.

Causes of iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

The following  which is related to both software and hardware issues are some of the reasons why your iPhone stuck in recovery mode:

  • Hardware damage: iPhone stuck in recovery mode may be because something goes wrong with the hardware part due to a special form of damage.
  • Updating to the latest iOS software: iPhone stuck in recovery mode may occur when you attempt to update your device to the latest iOS software.
  • iPhone Jailbreaking: iPhone stuck in recovery mode may be because the attempt to jailbreak such a device is unsuccessful.
  • Recovery mode activation:  iPhone stuck in recovery mode may occur after the activation  of the recovery mode to solve another issue

Solutions to fixing iPhone black screen and iPhone stuck in recovery mode

Dr.Fone – System Repair

sp post 01Looking for the perfect software that can help fix the iOS system issue? Dr.Fone – System Repair is the best recommendation you can ever get for fixing iPhone black screen and iPhone stuck in recovery can also help fix other issues such as iPhone white screen of death,  iPhone stuck on Apple logo, and more.

To fix iPhone black screen, take the following steps:

  • Step 1: installation

Start by installing the software on your Windows system or Mac. Launch it after a successful installation. Then click on the welcome screen ” System Repair”

  • sp post 02Step 2: Initiate the process

The next step is to initiate the process by clicking on the “Standard Mode”. But before that, ensure you check if your device is recognized by the system After connecting them with a lightning or USB cable

  • sp post 03.pngStep 3: Provide basic information

Provide the required information such as the system version and device model in the succeeding window and click on the “Start” button.

  • sp post 04.pngStep 4: Wait for the download

The respective firmware update will start to download. Wait till it is complete.

  • sp post 5Step 5: Wait for your device to connect to the system

After a successful download, the application will automatically fix your phone and connect to the system in the process.

  • Step 6: Remove or repeat the process

The last step will be to choose either to try the process again or to remove your phone safely.

sp post 6Hardware issue: How to Fix the iPhone Black Screen

For hardware issues, you can start by charging the device and ensuring that the battery and the device’s charging port are okay. Try to clean the device and charge it using an automatic cable.

If the problem isn’t fixed, try to visit a nearby iPhone repairing center or an Apple Store to check your device or replace any faulty functioning part. You can as well fix it yourself by dismantling it carefully and checking to see if the state of the connections.

Fixing Phone Stuck in Recovery Mode

The following are easy to fix the iPhone stuck in recovery mode

  • Step 1: Download and launch Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) on your Mac or Windows. You can launch by clicking ” System Repair “.sp post 02
  • Step 2: Select ” Exit Recovery Mode” in the lower right part after connecting your iOS device to the iPhone stuck in recovery modesp post 03.png
  • Step 3: On the new window that will pop up, click on the “Exit Recovery Mode” button.sp post 9


  • Step 4: Wait to see the solution happen with a message on the screen ” “Exited Recovery Mode successfully”.sp post 10


In a nutshell, this article is an eye-opener on how to fix iPhone black screen of death and iPhone stuck in recovery mode. So, it’s not the end when your device experiences any of these issues. All you need to do is to follow the aforementioned steps to have your device back in a great state for use.

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