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Woman files rape complaint against candidate MP

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A woman says she has reported to police that around 10 years ago she had been raped by a man who is running for parliament in the upcoming elections.

In a post on her Facebook page, the woman said it happened at a time when “no authority and no society was prepared to listen to us during the panic.”

“At the time we wanted someone to save us from what we were going through or at least listen and believe us,” she said.

The woman said she decided to report the case now because she learned it was not the only time he had done it.

“From that moment, I started feeling I have a debt towards any other woman who is afraid to speak up.”

“The particular individual is a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” she said. “I cannot say the name, the party can do so if it asks to be informed and if it wants to.”

The woman said there was no political expediency “and from the moment the party did not know it is not responsible.”

The woman reported the matter to the special police task force investigating sex crime and it is understood that the man in question has been summoned for questioning.

Police have received a series of complaints recently, with the suspects including a former bishop, a politician, and other state officials.

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