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Bending the horizon: from Geroskipou Beach to Kato Paphos Harbour

A low-framed horizon, a sky crowded with large, imposing clouds, a fluid coast line… Shoot these through the physics of a wide-angle lens, from the first-person perspective of a moving car, and the effect is intensely calming – you might say, near hypnotic.

Here, thanks to the 4K GoPro Hero 8 camera operated by wedding photographer and videographer George Avgousti, we take a languorous drive from Geroskipou beach to Kato Paphos Harbour, navigating the warped road bends with the buoyancy of an ultra-quiet, theme-park ride.

Recorded before the return of tourists to the area, the effect of travelling almost solo along the Paphian coastline offers city-bound eyes a welcome – if vicarious – respite from their urban everyday, reminding us, once again, of the island’s year-round Mediterranean appeal.

To view more scenes of the island through George’s lens, or to book him directly for your special day, follow him via:

View the original video here.

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