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What people often get wrong about mental health

In honour of mental health week, business and life coach Tatev Petrosyan tackles a key misconception about the subject, namely: that ‘mental health’ is a state that some people lack, but which other, more fortunate individuals, enjoy.

Yet this is not actually true, she explains.

In fact, mental health is something innate within us – our default setting. What can suppress access to it is the weight of conditioned thinking, or replaying patterns of traumas and painful experiences, as well as matrices of criticisms and undermining beliefs.

This is not to minimise the anguish and turmoil experienced by people struggling with mental health challenges – quite the reverse. It is to offer reassurance that mental health itself, remains ever present in each of us, even if harder to access at times, and is never simply ‘absent’.

“The good news is that it’s still there. No matter how long you haven’t had a taste of it, or haven’t experienced it… it’s still there,” she says. “No matter what you’ve been through.”

The challenge for those wishing to enjoy this state again, is to peel away, layer by layer, all of the intervening repetitive, conditioned thinking – an obstacle that can be overcome.

To learn more about Tatev Petrosyan’s Life Coaching practice, and to see if her approach might benefit you, click here, or contact her directly at: [email protected]

View the original video here.

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