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Jaffna: the culturally rich, welcoming gateway to Sri Lanka’s north

In this video, we head for beautiful Jaffna, the vibrant chief city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Closer to southern India than to Colombo, the region was settled early on by Tamil migrants and has retained a unique character and culture – one that owes as much to Hindu India as to Buddhist Sri Lanka.

Today, with the country having emerged from over 20 years of civil war, hospitable Jaffna offers visitors a blend of colonial charm and vibrant Tamil culture, being green and leafy, with attractive palm-shaded suburbs and beautiful temples and churches.

The city is also an ideal base for forays to the idyllic islands just to the west and trips along the coastline and lagoons of the surrounding peninsula.

If you should find yourself here, consider the following for your itinerary:

  • Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil
  • Jaffna Fort
  • Cankili Thoppu Archway
  • Jaffna Public Library
  • Mantiri Manai
  • Yamuna Eri
  • Clock Tower
  • Sangiliyan Statue
  • Jaffna Archaeological Museum
  • Old Park

View the original video here.

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