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Tia Does Agrotourism, Season 2, Episode 5: Kakopetria and Galata villages

We may not all have the chance to head out of town over the weekend, but thanks to local creators like travel vlogger and blogger Tia Savva, we can take a welcome visual break among the beautiful stonework and serene natural environments of the island’s rural communities.

In this video – season two, episode five of the popular ‘Tia does Agrotourism’ series – we follow along as our host explores the beautiful Nicosia district villages of Kakopetria and Galata.

Among Cyprus’ better-known villages, Kakopetria and Galata lie along the main Nicosia-Troodos road, and are situated in beautiful Solea valley, famous for its fruit groves, streams, oak and plane trees and enticing nature trails.

As for the communities themselves, they offer visitors a host of local delights – ranging from traditional sweets to UNESCO World Heritage Byzantine churches – and are understandably popular agrotourism getaways throughout the year.

Episode highlights include:

  • Traditional homes and cobbled streets
  • Linos Museum
  • Vateri nature trail
  • Mylos Tis Rodous nature trail
  • Agios Nikolaos Tis Stegis church
  • Panagia Podithou church

For all the details, read the accompanying blog post, here. View the original video here.

For general information on planning an agrotourism holiday in Cyprus, check out Tia’s written blog here.

All of the videos from Season 1 of the series can be viewed on the Tia Does Travel YouTube channel here.

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