A former MEP who was accused by a Cypriot woman of sexual harassment while he was in office will be called to answer to the charge of indecent assault on July 1.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the case was filed in court last week after instructions by the law office of the Republic to file sexual harassment charges against a former politician.

This follows a police investigation into a complaint filed by a 32-year-old woman. The alleged offence was committed in Brussels in 2014.

This is one of 28 cases concerning sexual harassment being investigated by the police.

Police press officer Marina Christodoulidou told the CNA that so far 28 such cases have been investigated or are being investigated. She said 15 have been filed in court for trial, seven are under investigation, some of them are in the final stage and are expected to be filed in court soon, while for the cases under investigation, testimonies are being collected.

“We had two cases, for which there was no prosecution due to legal obstacles and four that are in the Legal Service for study and instructions,” Christodoulidou added.