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Healthy boundaries: what setting personal limits should and shouldn’t entail

This video is meant to expand your general knowledge about living a healthy life and is NOT a substitute for seeking medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before making changes in your health practices, diet and self-care.

In this second video in a three-part series, licensed marriage and family therapist Emma McAdam, host of the Therapy in a Nutshell YouTube channel, discusses the key ‘ingredient’ in setting effective boundaries in a world of relationships that so often erode or violate them.

What’s important, clarifies McAdam, is to take action within our realm of control – and not try to change other people, as this is ultimately beyond our power. The more we push someone else and insist they change some aspect of their behaviour, the more they will retaliate and push us back.

Of course, the answer is not simply to let people – or kids – ride roughshod over our boundaries. Instead, establishing and maintaining effective boundaries are shifting the focus on to what ‘we’ will do about the contravened limit.

Strategies to set and preserve limits effectively, continue in the third and final video in this series.

View the previous video in this series here.

View the original video here.

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