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Inside the world of a robotic surgeon

In this Freethink video, we learn how surgeons are increasingly incorporating the use of surgical robots in their work, unlocking a new era in health care.

For a patient facing an operation, the thought of surgical robotic systems may seem intimidating at first. Nevertheless, such technology is making key procedures much less invasive than before.

Surgical robotic systems, such as the da Vinci surgical system, allow doctors to get the same job done with smaller incisions than what was traditionally required. These advanced systems use small instruments with greater range of motion, control and dexterity than human hands, helping doctors achieve high levels of precision.

Intuitive, the company behind the da Vinci system, provides intensive educational programmes for surgeons in training, which include proctoring with a surgeon, telepresence with a mentor during surgery, and a comprehensive online curriculum.

At the da Vinci console, a surgeon uses their hands and feet to manipulate the robotic instruments, which are attached to a cart alongside the patient’s bed. To build their skills, surgeons can practise on an advanced simulator, which recreates the surgical field in virtual reality.

All of which means… by the time these surgeons use the system on a real patient, the inputs required at the console can seem second-nature.

Read more in the video’s accompanying blog post here. View the original video here.

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