A 50-year-old man who was driving drunk without a licence and under the influence of drugs injured an officer and crashed into a police car late on Monday in Paphos.

Police received information about a man in his car who was causing nuisance and disturbing the residents in Apostolou Pavlou neighbourhood.

When they arrived at the scene, an officer attempted to take the keys from the car of the man, who was Greek.

However, the suspect started the car, which moved forward, and slightly injured the officer during the escape.

During the car chase that followed, the driver violated a number of traffic rules and crashed into a police vehicle before he was eventually stopped on Agapinoros Avenue.

Police said he was found to have an alcohol level of 136mg instead of the legal limit of 22 mg for experienced drivers. He also tested positive for drug use in a narcotest.

He did not have a valid driving licence or insurance and his car was not registered, police said.

In addition, officers found burglary tools and knives in his car.