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Tech plus art: Jen Lewin’s mesmerising light and sound sculptures

In this video we meet Interactive Light artist Jen Lewin, whose extraordinary, interactive sound and LED art works can be the scale of an entire landscape.

Given humankind’s instinctive affinity for and attraction to light, Lewin’s work creates pieces that everyone across the world can comprehend and play with – including people ordinarily shut out of such interactions, such as the disabled.

Her largest piece at 15,000 square feet (around 1,400 square metres) is called ‘Cosmos’ and features over 240,000 Light Emitting Devices (LEDs).

Able to code given her selection for a pioneering training programme in her childhood, growing up Lewin refused to be limited to conventional beliefs about left brain-right brain aptitudes, which would have placed her in either the arts or engineering boxes. She was determined to combine both.

And she builds in sound- and light-based surprises into every creation. “All of my work has an ‘Easter egg’ in it that if you trigger and find, will affect other components,” she says.

Today, Lewin views her greatest challenge as continuing to learn how to use new tools and hardware in her tech-based artistic expression.

View the original video here.

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