Larnaca’s municipal food bank is making every effort to help as many families as possible despite problems with understaffing, its manager Kokos Gerasimou told the Cyprus News Agency on Monday.

A total of 94 families currently receive assistance, but the coronavirus pandemic has led to increased needs amid lower volunteer numbers.

“Currently 334 people from 94 families, are receiving help from the food bank. In March 2020, before the pandemic, only 28 families had requested and were entitled to support from us. But the lack of volunteers to prepare and distribute food is complicating our efforts,” he said.

“The reason for this sharp increase is, on the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and to this day are still unemployed. Despite the increase in the number of applicants, several companies and individuals continue to offer their help, either financially or by providing basic supplies,” he added.

“Until last Friday perishable, vegetables and fruits were abundant. However, today we ran out because of the increase in their prices, or because they have burned due to the heat,” he stated.

“Among the products given to the beneficiaries are minced meat, chicken and pork meat, while there are also families that ask for baby milk and diapers which are generously offered to us by various companies,” Gerasimou noted.

The food bank will remain closed from Monday to Friday, August 16 to 21. Food to all beneficiaries for this specific period will be distributed on Friday, August 13.