A 28-year-old man was caught driving 191 km per hour on the motorway while eight times over the legal limit late on Thursday, police said.

There were four passengers in the car, three adults and the driver’s four-year-old child.

Police said the man was stopped near the Latsia exit during routine traffic checks on the motorway at around 9.25 pm on Thursday night. He was driving at 191 km per hour, nearly twice the speed limit of 100 km per hour.

An alco-test gave a final result of 75mg, well over the permitted level of 9mg, the police announcement added.

Police said that a case against him will be submitted in court ‘immediately’.

Two other cases concerning serious traffic offences were submitted for immediate trial on Wednesday. The first was against a 22-year-old woman for drunk driving and causing an accident in the Larnaca district and the second against a 20-year-old driver for speeding and drunk driving.

Larnaca district court stripped the woman of her licence for three months, imposed seven penalty points and fined her €1000 after she pleaded guilty to the charges.

In the second case, the 20-year-old man appeared before Paphos district court which suspended his licence until the trial.

Speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs are among the main causes for traffic accidents, police said adding that they will continue their daily checks and information campaigns to address such serious offences.

“The aim is to avert serious and fatal traffic collisions, to cultivate a road safety awareness and increase the sense of safety on the road network,” the announcement added.