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IBSCY grows by implementing innovation for its clients

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Giorgos Gennaris Business Development Officer at IBSCY in Limassol

“IBS’s mission is to combine services and technologies from different vendors to create simple solutions for complex problems.  In an effort to help businesses innovate, IBS’s strategy is to constantly implement the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies.  As a result, all customers are able to stay ahead of the competition by utilising unique systems and products.

An interview with Giorgos Gennaris, Business Development Officer at IBSCY in Limassol.

Tell us what your company’s mission is, and describe in brief the strategy that implements that mission?

Since 2004, IBSCY Ltd has grown rapidly in Cyprus and internationally, Giorgos explains, thanks to its client focus.

“IBSCY LTD was created in 2004 by a team of young Information Technology professionals to provide more expertise and knowledge to companies throughout Cyprus and Europe, no matter their size or sector. The company has become one of the most respected IT companies in Cyprus and the greater region with clients throughout all the countries of the European Union.

IBSCY Ltd is a leading provider of total IT solutions and IT services in Cyprus and specializes in the areas of cloud services and applications, systems integration, IT infrastructure, collaboration, management, and security solutions. Currently, IBSCY Ltd is one of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and the greater region. The company was acquired and operated under the umbrella of the MTN Group (South Africa) in 2014 and it was acquired back from the initial shareholders in 2019 and since then, is expanding rapidly in IT services and products,” Giorgos explains.

The company effectively takes on the task of total IT solutions for its clients,” he continues.

“The company provides IT services that allow customers to focus on their business and not on IT problems or the IT strategy of their organisation. Using IBS’s services and expertise, our clients can work more efficiently and cost-effectively.  IBS helps them minimise their costs by making sure that they utilise all of their IT resources, to their full capabilities. This is achieved, while companies work safely from several locations, by implementing multiple levels of security.”

What technologies do you make use of?

Giorgos gives some examples. “We are using all the latest technologies such as cloud computing, cloud services and applications, internet of things, Unified Thread Management and endpoint security solutions.  Also, via various collaboration tools like Microsoft 365, IBS makes sure that our clients’ employees can work and communicate seamlessly using easy-to-use and manage tools.

Collaboration is especially facilitated with the use of several cloud services and solutions that enable users to work simultaneously from different locations while synchronizing everything in the cloud. Moreover, for businesses looking to expand their reach into powerful solutions, drive innovation, and access all their applications and data across a mixture of public cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures, IBS has the expertise and know-how to configure and complete such projects,” Giorgos points out.

Additionally, IBS offers a complete set of infrastructure solutions, Giorgos notes.

“IBSCY is able to complete successfully even the most demanding projects.  IBS offers IT infrastructure including servers, storages and networks for any size of organization and has completed numerous projects throughout the years.

The company’s certified experts have the knowledge to design, set up, configure, and maintain network systems, with engineers available around the clock. IBS engineers are fully certified from partner vendors such as Fortinet, Aruba, Cisco, HPE, Synology, Lenovo and many more.

As a certified partner of VMWare and Gold partner of Microsoft, IBS offers virtualisation solutions to help companies maximize their uptime and lower their costs.  By implementing Virtualization technologies, companies are able to quickly add compute capacity and deploy new hardware systems thereby creating increased flexibility, scalability, while lowering operational costs,” he says.

How do you implement innovation?

Giorgos points to the cloud as the platform of choice.

“Following the latest developments, companies worldwide now strive for digital transformation and therefore are migrating their operations to the cloud at rapid paces. This way, they can derive endless benefits that were previously unimagined with traditional hardware. IBS using its vast expertise designs customized solutions for each customer and creates the necessary infrastructure that helps businesses to innovate.

A very good example of the aforementioned is cloud computing where organisations can take advantage of the resources available and facilitate innovation through collaboration and increased productivity and by allowing files and applications to be accessed and synced instantly from any location.  All platforms and data are now integrated to provide a flawless experience whenever the user requests it.  To the same extent, the cloud also enables the automation of internal processes leading to better communication, customer service and management.

One of the best cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure currently offers an infinite number of possibilities and options such as AI and machine learning, the creation and deployment of apps and platforms, and many more. By utilising these capabilities, companies are able to maximise their performance using the cloud’s flexibility, agility, and speed.  Such benefits can be particularly valuable for innovation, which may help explain why cloud computing is growing so quickly.  Not only that, but also internal collaboration is essential for organizations that want to be pioneers in innovation,” Giorgos comments.

How is your company evolving?

It is all about cutting-edge technologies, Giorgos says.

“IBS’s mission is to combine services and technologies from different vendors to create simple solutions for complex problems.  In an effort to help businesses innovate, IBS’s strategy is to constantly implement the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies.  As a result, all customers are able to stay ahead of the competition by utilising unique systems and products.  In addition, innovation requires perfectionism and attention to detail.  Hence, IBS always ensures that all customers receive a unique customer service at all touchpoints ranging from structure cabling, complicated IT networks, multi-servers infrastructures and cloud services and products.  By outsourcing all IT-related issues companies stop spending time on planning, implementing, or maintaining IT infrastructure and focus solely on delivering value for their customers.

Finally, IBS intends to continue growing its operations and its offerings by following with diligence all the latest technological trends.  Its sole purpose is to make the digital transformation of businesses as smooth and effective as possible,” Giorgos concludes.

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