The deputy ministry of technology said on Thursday that national rules governing the CovScan app which allows the public and businesses to verify the validity of the EU digital covid certificate (EUDCC) for domestic use have been updated to be in line with the October 18 changes regarding the SafePass.

Henceforth, valid results through the app will be issued provided there is a negative PCR or antigen result within 72 hours, or a certificate of having completed vaccination, or a certificate of recovery valid for six months from the initial positive test result.

The above provisions apply to all indoor and outdoor areas and/or organisations, and/or businesses and/or premises where, subject to social distancing rules, more than 10 people – including personnel – can congregate. It is required for everyone aged 12 and over.

It is noted that rules that have so far applied as regards the issue of the European Digital Covid Certificate EUDCC) remain in force.

These are: individuals who have received on or two doses of the jab, with this having been recorded in the health ministry’s data base (however the issue of an EUDCC does not override the requirement that only certificates showing completion of the vaccination programme will be accepted); individuals who have tested positive for covid and the result has been recorded in the ministry’s data base, and thirdly individuals who have a negative PCR or antigen test. The result must be entered on the ministry’s data base. The certificate is available for issue on the portal for up to seven days after the sample was taken.

The CovScan Cyprus app allows checks of the validity of the EUDCC easily, quickly, and safely, the deputy ministry said.

The app can be installed on any Android smart device (for later versions of Android 8.1) and is available free of charge through Google Play.

The app checks the validity by scanning the QR code on the EUDCC. There are three possible results: green which means the certificate is valid and the holder has been vaccinated or has recovered from Covid-19, yellow which means that the certificate is valid, and that the holder has undergone a PCR or rapid test with a negative result and finally, red which means the certificate is not valid.