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Two thirds of Cypriots believe life will return to a pre-pandemic normal

Pre-pandemic Cyprus

Around 65 per cent of Cypriots believe their lives will return to normal after the pandemic, according to a poll published on Sunday but the majority of those think it will be some time yet before that happens.

The poll, carried out on behalf of Phileleftheros newspaper by Pulse Market Research found that 11 per cent believe their lives will be the same but 54 per cent believe not until some time has passed. One in three, 34 per cent, think life will not return to normal.

Traveling abroad was at the top of the list of habits that Cypriots want to return to at 68 per cent. This was followed by gatherings with friends and family at 38 per cent, physical contact with other people for 35 per cent, night outs 22 per cent, and attending large events 19 per cent.

Of those polled, 66 per cent have seen an impact from the pandemic on their household but 32 per cent say they were not affected. The former, were in the majority, working class people.

The vast majority, seven in ten people, were also worried about the effects of pandemic policies on children and adolescents due lockdowns, masks and the new ways schools operate. Only 3 per cent thought it was not an issue while 26 per cent thought the impact on children was small. The most worried in this category were women, and young people themselves.

Six out of ten expressed worry about the coronavirus to some extent. Around one third of people were greatly concerned while there was a bloc of around ten per cent who were not at all worried. The most concerned were middle to upper class people, the elderly and the vaccinated.

As for priorities, 57 per cent said the pandemic made them reconsider some things in their lives.
When asked how important it was for them before the pandemic when it came to quality time with loved ones, 54 per cent said it was just as important. For 19 per cent it was now more important and for 28 per cent it was less important .

Around 55 per cent said they spend more time with family and 70 per cent said they want to spend more time with people they love even after the pandemic is over.

Hobbies and interests were just as important before and during the pandemic for 56 per cent. This has become more important for 23 per cent.

When it came to work, 72 per cent felt the same about it as they did pre-pandemic. One in ten said work was now less important to them while 18 per cent thought it more important.

One third said they had spent more time acquiring knowledge and new skills and most of those planned to keep this up.

Some 20 per cent of respondents said they had changed job since the pandemic while 56 per cent said it was not something on their radar. One quarter said they thought of changing job but didn’t do so.

Eating habits were minimally affected during the pandemic. Some 72 per cent said their diet was the same before the pandemic, while 13 per cent consider it more important now and 15 per cent consider it less important.

One in three also spend more time cooking and 11 per cent plan to continue as 23 per cent said they were paying more attention to their diet.

As for exercise, only 22 per cent said they dedicate time to do that but 36 per cent said they planned to do so after the pandemic.

Also during the pandemic 17 per cent acquired a pet but 64 per cent said this did not occur to them while 18 per cent said they thought about it but didn’t do it.

Buying a home was not an option during the pandemic, most said. Only 8 per cent bought a home for the first time in the past two years while 22 per cent thought about it but didn’t. The remaining 70 per cent did not think about it.

Among the consumer habits that the Cypriots do plan to keep even after the pandemic is electronic payments with 72 per cent finding this more convenient.

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