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Digital tools have been created to make our lives easier

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The digital age has undoubtedly brought remarkable changes to our everyday routine on many levels. The way we work, the way we entertain ourselves, the way information is communicated, the way we carry out our daily tasks, education and communication in general have significantly changed and have been put into a different framework, where little and big moments of our lives find a place. Digital tools have been created to make things easier for us, and when used for this purpose they can become an excellent ally.

Many of us live far from our family or friends and this is the reason why we miss important moments of their daily lives. Thanks to technology, we have at least the opportunity to hear and see them, at the touch of a button. In this case, physical contact is certainly not replaced, but we can hear from them and have a clearer view of their lives, until our next meeting.

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Besides our loved ones, far away there are also places which in other times we could not have even been able to imagine. Entire cities, but also museums, galleries, concerts are available to us online. Thus, we can have the experience of several events wherever they take place, and we can familiarise with other cultures from the comfort of our home. Digital media are equally useful for the field of education, whether we are talking about the e-learning programs, or when digital media are used as stimuli to facilitate and enhance the teaching process.

Due to the pandemic, we discovered the limits of teleworking. Many employees had this experience around the world, working from their own space and perhaps feeling mixed emotions over the situation, while a large percentage of them argues that the combination of remote work (wherever possible) and physical presence in the workplace is ideal.

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Another particularly important application of digital technology is the modernisation of public service systems. Queues, paperwork, lost documents, and similar issues now belong to the past, at least for those countries that have digitalised and simplified their processes. In our country, the modernisation of the General Health System, for example, among other things, has facilitated the beneficiaries with certain procedures such as granting immediate access to their medical history whenever necessary.

When it comes to everyday life, digital tools help us save time or have access to goods that we can’t probably buy in physical presence. By just clicking on them, we can have everything we may need delivered to our door. Technology can also take care of our safety, as in the “smart home” case, where a good security system can protect both our family and our property.

Recognising today’s needs, Anytime is using digital technology for the benefit of its customers, always managing to offer more, and the answer to how is simple. Because it is online. Between Anytime and the insured there is no third party, it has flexible premiums that are tailor-made to each one’s needs, while fast and simple procedures allow the company to have competitive prices. And when needed, prompt service is a priority for Anytime’s people who are always on the insured’s side.

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