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Jazz singer celebrates art with a new solo exhibition

sarah fenwick and ancient danceweb

An artist is an artist no matter the craft, and well known jazz singer Sarah Fenwick is also known to turn her hand to writing and visual arts and she is now ready to share a few more of her creations in her third solo exhibition.

“I have been a jazz singer for 30 years and started making art relatively late, in my 50s,” she told the Cyprus Mail. “I enjoyed painting as an amateur but at some point, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my creative drive and curiosity and I felt a strong urge to get deeper into the field.”

In an attempt to grow from being an amateur towards a more professional understanding of painting, Sarah began taking private lessons in 2019 to improve her art theory and skills. Now she spends at least half of her day drawing or painting and has sold and exhibited paintings in Cyprus, the UK and Greece.

“One of the main reasons I love art so much,” she added, “is because I strongly feel the connection between music and painting; one inspires the other. Through painting, I can amplify the values of music like rhythm, harmony, and emotional frequencies. It’s also thrilling to paint portraits of the great jazz singers in history like Billie Holiday and find new ways to demonstrate my love for this beautiful music.”

Her upcoming Contrasts | Antithesis exhibition, which opens at her jazz club on November 23, will include small A4 and A3 drawings in pencil, charcoal and pastels, plus larger-scale acrylic paintings on paper and canvas. The exhibition’s theme is how contrasts define lives and how people navigate between them to make their choices. Something versus nothing, identity versus anonymity, private versus sharing, single versus married, pain versus joy.



Third solo exhibition by Sarahn Fenwick. November 23-December 23. Artist talk on opening day: 7.30pm-9pm. Sarah’s Jazz Club, Nicosia. Tel: 95-147711


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