Xylofagou’s community leader, Giorgos Tasou on Sunday said they would pay €500 to anyone who can provide information about the vandalism of the ‘Big Potato’, the community’s monument to celebrate its trademark product.

Perpetrators sprayed a football slogan on the bottom part of the around four-metre-tall monument located at the entrance of Xylofagou. They wrote ‘Anola Μ94 F.G.’

Tasou told Alpha News he has already reported the case to the bases police.

He said he would pay €500 to anyone who can provide information to locate the perpetrators. The community, he said, was planning on installing a surveillance system to protect the Big Potato, which is what the monument is now called.

Tasou also said they would illuminate the monument and decorate it for Christmas.

The community erected Big Potato, a replica of the ‘spunta’ spud variety, just last month to celebrate their main product. The community leader had invited people to go take photos of the Big Potato in a bid to attract more visitors to the village.