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Is it worth hiring a student?



  1. It’s easier to make your specialist from scratch

Each person, consciously or not, drags his or her professional background to a new job: the work habits, norms, and rules that reigned at his or her previous place of work, and so on.

For example, a person who has worked for several years in an organization with a strictly regulated workday may find it difficult to adjust to a free schedule and organize his or her day so that he or she has time to do everything planned. Or if your previous workplace did not encourage initiative, if you were used to working by the precept “don’t think, just do as you’re told”, it will be difficult for you to get into the atmosphere of free creativity and learn to put your ideas into practice.

Without a doubt, it is much easier to make a student really “own” specialist than to retrain an already established employee with his or her own formed professional views.

  1. The student is a source of new ideas

What does everyday life look like for the average person who devotes eight hours a day to work? That’s right: home – work – home – life – life – life. If you live in a megalopolis, then add to this insanely long transfer from home to work and back, after which there is only one wish – to go to bed and not wake up much longer.

Life as a student follows a different schedule. The study, constant communication with peers, conferences, exhibitions, visits to other sites where you can meet many professionals and get a lot of ideas. Since few students have families while studying, it is worth noting that they are not as deep in life as their older counterparts.

Students are easy-going, less conservative, and still have that childlike thirst for life and curiosity for the new and unknown.

  1. Employing a Student Profitably

If you employ a full-time student, he or she will be able to devote at best four hours a day to work, which means he or she will qualify for half the rate.

Even if you hire a part-time or evening student, he or she will still have sessions, class meetings, and other meetings that sooner or later begin to steal time from the workday.

These circumstances affect pay: a student cannot qualify for a full-time job because he or she is not able to work full-time. However, everyone is looking for ways for college students to make money.


  1. Lack of practical experience

What was first framed as a plus in this article may be viewed from a different angle as a minus. And it’s not just about the fact that it will be more difficult for the student to fulfill his direct job duties. Everything will be new to him. For example, it will be difficult for him to take into account the fact that being late for 16 minutes, which at university is sufficient to hush up with a simple apology and a hastily invented excuse, at work can lead to disciplinary action.

  1. High probability of failing to meet deadlines.

Students come in all shapes and sizes. Some – the classic version – study and work part-time, and some – work and study. If you happen to be a classical student for whom study takes priority overwork, you probably won’t be able to avoid failing to meet deadlines and work tasks that are done casually.


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