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Upward trend for prices this Christmas

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The prices of meat and baked Christmas treats followed a slightly upward trend in the past year, according to the results of the Christmas price observatory conducted on Friday by the consumer protection service, which recorded prices at retailers across the Republic.

Just like other price observatories, its aim is to help consumers make informed choices about where to shop during the Christmas season by providing an up-to-date image of the market, which according to the service “encourages transparency and promotes competitiveness”.

For meat, the service looked at prices from 90 retailers including large and small supermarkets and local butcher shops, and 49 bakeries and supermarkets for sweets like melomakarona, kourabiedes and Christmas cakes.

The prices of meat in general have increased in comparison to 2020, and the figures show that local butcher shops tend to charge more than supermarkets.

For example, the per-kilo price of pork leg was found to be around 28 per cent higher at butcher shops than in large supermarkets. Similarly, the average price of lamb was 16 per cent higher at butcher shops.

The average price for turkey jumped from €5.04 per kilo in 2020 to €5.52 per kilo in 2021, while beef prices also jumped from €9.82 to €10.02.

The prices of baked Christmas treats also marked some increases, with bakeries charging 29 per cent more for melomakarona and 30 per cent more for kourabiedes than large supermarkets.

The average price for melomakarona increased from €10.53 to €11.18 per kilo, and for kourabiedes from €10.55 to €11.22.

Christmas cake was the only product on the list whose price fell, from €12.27 to €12.04 per kilo.

The service stressed that price observatories are prepared strictly to inform, and not direct, consumers. “Price observatories cannot replace the market research that each consumer must conduct based on their own preferences and needs, and in no way attempt to instruct them on where to shop”.

Particularly for the products included in this price observatory, the service added that there are quality differences which cannot be taken into account in the results of a Price Observatory.

“Therefore consumers are urged to do their own research before they shop, so that they can find the products and prices that satisfy their needs”.

Lastly it was stressed that the survey was conducted on December 16 but prices are subject to change beyond that date.



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