Investigations continued on Sunday after the Big Potato erected at the entrance to the village of Xylophagou was chopped down the previous day.

The stand for the potato was cut at around 3.30 in the morning on New Year’s Day.

Community leader George Tasou was reportedly at the scene himself for several hours on New Year’s Eve and left at around 2am, leaving someone to guard the site until the morning.

However instead of guards, vandals went to the site and at around 3.30 felled the potato, causing around €5,000 in damages.

Tasou expressed his sadness over the incident, and also gave a statement to police in Dhekelia.

The four-metre Big Potato, a replica of the ‘spunta’ spud variety, became a reference point for the community after it went viral in October.

Since then it has been sprayed with graffiti and decorated with Christmas lights.

potato christmas tree 2lomng

The potato decorated for Christmas