Citing the increased number of cases, the health ministry on Monday said people who test positive to coronavirus are now obliged to fill an online form to assist the contact tracing unit.

The new process became mandatory after its operation was announced last week, to relieve some pressure from the contact tracing unit as thousands of Covid cases are now being detected daily.

According to the ministry, people who test positive receive a text message the next day, which includes a link with access codes to a portal where they can confirm their data and declare their contacts for tracing purposes. They can also name their GP so that they can monitor their condition and release them.

The form can be found at using access codes that are valid for 48 hours from the time the text has been received.

During that time, a person can process and save the form and then submit it to the health ministry.

Parents or guardians may fill out the form if the confirmed case concerns a minor, the ministry added.

If the form is not filled correctly, the GP will not be able to release the patient who will not be issued with a recovery certificate from the government.

A complete form is considered necessary for release, declaration of close contacts, and informing the GP. This prevents delays in contact tracing, which is currently overwhelmed due to the high number of cases.

Instructions for filling the form can be requested on 22514241, 22514242, 22514243, 22514244, and 22514248 (Monday to Sunday 8am till midnight).

If a person does not receive a text message with the access codes and the link within 24 hours of testing positive, they can contact the tracing unit on 22514264, 22514258, 22514259, 22771923 (Monday to Sunday 8am till midnight) or on [email protected].

They can also contact the lab that conducted the test to check whether the correct information has been sent to the health ministry.