More than two out of ten coronavirus patients in hospital have had at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, health ministry data showed on Tuesday.

The data on current hospitalisations was published as part of the ministry’s efforts “to enhance transparency and proper information of citizens”.

It said that five per cent of hospitalised coronavirus patients have received the booster shot and contracted the virus two weeks or more after its administration while one per cent received the booster and got infected with the virus less than two weeks later.

Fully vaccinated patients with both vaccine doses or the single-dose Janssen jab account for three per cent of hospitalisations while those where more than five months and two weeks have passed since the latest jab account for ten per cent of hospitalisations.

Three per cent of patients only had one vaccine dose from a two-dose vaccine.

The data confirmed the statistic included in the announcement of daily coronavirus cases that the vast majority of those hospitalised with the virus, 78 per cent, are unvaccinated.

The data does not include post-covid patients that are still treated at the hospitals.