Nicosia lawyers supported by colleagues from other districts, held a one-hour work stoppage on Thursday to protest a decision to transfer Nicosia district court judges hearing backlogged cases to the Filoxenia building in Aglandjia.

The work stoppage took place between 10 and 11 outside the Supreme court. It was organised by the Nicosia bar association and joined by lawyers from Kyrenia and supported by Limassol, Larnaca and Famagusta bar associations.

The protest aimed to highlight that Nicosia lawyers will not tolerate further “victimisation” as a result of unilateral decisions that will only cause aggravate the poor working conditions at the Nicosia district court, the Nicosia bar association said.

“Lawyers demand participation in discussions on the issues that directly affect them,” a post on the social media of the Nicosia bar association said.

The association had previously requested a review of this decision and an immediate meeting to discuss and find the best possible solution to the issue, as well as other “serious problems that occur daily” in the Nicosia courts.

The Nicosia bar association had recommended “a more practical and functional solution” suggesting the district court be moved to the Supreme Court premises, where it was housed before, and that the current district court building be given to the judges who hear backlog cases.