No Covid-19 deaths were announced on Wednesday, but the ministry stated that 3,714 fresh infections were identified out of 83,857 tests with a positivity rate of 4.43 per cent.

The total death toll attributed to the virus remains at 904 while 119 people are hospitalised with the virus, of whom 22 are in serious condition. The ministry said that 60.51 per cent of those receiving treatment have no vaccination record.

Wednesday’s infections were identified from 83,857 tests of which 3,630 were PCR tests (337 positives) and 80,227 were rapid tests (3,377 positives).

PCR contact tracing tests carried out 428 tests and uncovered 43 positives, while rapid tests done through the contact tracing programme totalled 906 and returned 103 positives.

PCR tests taken privately numbered 1,488 and yielded 220 positives, while private rapid tests totalled 37,931 and picked up 1,991 positives.

The health ministry’s 42,296 tests picked up 1,386 positives. Of those, 11,330 were tests taken at secondary schools (89 positives) while test-to-stay carried out 4,974 tests and returned 62 positives.

Care homes saw 1,274 tests carried out and returned 45 positives.