One person was reported to have died from coronavirus on Saturday as the ministry of health recorded 3,347 new cases.

The death refers to an 86-year-old woman who died on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 911.

There are 126 people being treated for Covid in hospital, out of which 21 are in a serious condition, seven of these intubated in ICU and 14 in a high dependency unit.

Of all patients in hospital, 57.15 per cent have no history of vaccination.

The total number of tests carried out on Saturday was 74,164, giving a positivity rate of 4.51 per cent.

Of the tests on Saturday, 3,406 were PCR tests which found 285 cases, a positivity rate of 8.37 per cent.

Meanwhile 70,758 rapid tests were carried out, which found 3,062 cases, giving a positivity rate of 4.33 per cent.

Of these cases, 80 contact tracing tests found six positives during PCR tests and 807 rapid tests found 77 cases.

A total of 1,377 people took a PCR test on their own initiative, which turned up 233 new cases, while 38,467 rapid tests at private labs and clinics found 1,890 positives.

Through the ministry of health’s programme of rapid tests 32,291 people were tested which resulted in 1,172 new positives

Elsewhere 615 tests carried out in care homes found four positives.

Since the start of the pandemic a total of 373,658 people have had Covid.