A Nicosia-based bar was fined €8,000 on Friday for serving more people than the permitted number based on the current coronavirus restrictions.

The fine was made after 603 checks in the district, during which three people were also booked in the capital for violating pandemic protocols.

Inspections in Nicosia were carried out as part of 1,931 checks across the government-controlled areas.

Two more establishments and one individual were booked in Larnaca after 404 checks. The businesses concerned a barber shop and a coffee shop which were each issued a €500 fine, police said.

A fourth business was fined €500 in Paphos for failure to wear face masks after 121 checks.

Three people were also booked during 358 checks in Famagusta.

No violations were reported in Limassol nor in Morphou after 210 and 80 checks respectively.

Traffic, marine and port police also conducted 141 and 14 checks each, without any bookings.

The checks were carried out from 6am on Thursday to 6am on Friday.