Paphos police on Monday said they had issued 221 fines for traffic violations in the last four days.

About half, 111, concerned speeding.

Nine of the fines concerned drink driving, three driving under the influence of drugs, eight were issued for driving without a seatbelt and three without a safety helmet.

Traffic officers also booked five drivers for using a mobile phone, six for driving without insurance and one for parking in a disabled spot.

The remaining 72 fines concerned other violations, police said.

Over the same days the fines were issued, seven traffic collisions occurred in the district without any injuries.

Meanwhile, over the entire previous month, Paphos bicycle police issued 122 fines, Cyprus News Agency reported on Monday.

The unit also provided assistance in another 23 cases, while they helped in policing 20 events, including football matches, Paphos assistant police directos Michalis Ioannou said.

He added the unit assisted Paphos police department in another 39 cases and in the arrest of 58 suspects as part of their responsibilities.

They were also involved in the witness protection of a Paphos resident while they carried out checks for migrants illegally residing at an apartment complex in Chloraka and Posidonos.