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Flaounes, chicken, pork, register highest Easter increases

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Photo: Christos Theodorides

The barrage of price surges increases, as the latest data shows that key Easter goods are up across the board – from 11 per cent at the lowest end to 38 per cent higher up.

The average cost of flaounes – compared to the previous year – is up by 20.71 per cent (without raisins) at an average cost of €11 euros per kilo, while mince pork is up by a whopping 38 per cent at an average of €4.73 per kilo.

The consumer protection services researched the prices for meat across 85 shops, ranging from large supermarkets to local butchers, and found that pork chops are up by 21.34 per cent – at an average of €4.73 per kilo.

Pork registered the highest increase, but lamb was high up, too, with a rise of 17 per cent compared to the previous Easter.

But the price for a kilo of chicken breast also surged, up by 23.43 per cent, to €7.81.

The data was released on Tuesday.

“The overall picture of the market just a few days ahead of Easter is not that pleasant,” president of the consumer protection association Marios Drousiotis said on Monday.

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