Cyprus does not meet the terms and conditions to apply for Nato membership and will not apply for the moment, Defence Minister Charalambos Petrides said on Thursday on the sidelines of the House defence committee.

Commenting on possible Nato membership for Cyprus, and Turkey’s reaction to Finland’s and Sweden’s accession into the alliance, Petrides said that because of this reaction and because Cyprus does not meet specific terms and conditions there is currently no discussion taking place regarding Cyprus’ accession into Nato.

Moreover, the minister said that discussions were taking place at the European Council on the European Defence Agency supporting the creation of an innovation hub that will provide flexibility in matters related to defence and security and the simplification of the procedures for joint procurement of defence equipment.

Commenting on the war in Ukraine he said that the war will be prolonged, and several countries will continue sending military equipment there. Lastly, commenting on Greece’s defence agreements with the United States, Petrides said that the strengthening of Greece’s positions, either in defence or diplomacy, are positive news for Cyprus.