Interior Minister Nicos Nouris has confirmed reports that a resident of Germany has acknowledged as his own, four children from three different women, all who happen to be asylum seekers in Cyprus.

Asked about the reports of the specific case, Nouris confirmed the incident and further stated that 31 such cases have been identified in the past three months.

The incidents appear to be a new method of legalising illegal immigration, the minister said, adding that there are further questions as to how the women in question arrived in Cyprus in the first place.

Nouris, who was interviewed by Sigma, said that both Cypriots and other EU nationals are allegedly being paid by asylum seekers to have their children recognised so that they can be registered as citizens of the Republic.

The minister further criticised an apparent weakness in the legislation to handle such a phenomenon, as up until 2015 it was required that DNA tests be undertaken to provide proof of parentage. That criterion, however, was dropped as it was deemed illegal over human rights concerns.

Nouris said that new legislation was being prepared to handle the issue, and that orders have been given to not issue birth certificates if there are doubts over the parentage while the new legislation is being figured out.