The fashion industry has seen a tumultuous few years, and this has drastically changed the way that consumers interact and engage with fashion. The pandemic, and the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, has shaped the industry and dictated an emphasis on digital fashion. In McKinsey and Company’s ‘State of Fashion’ report, the authors highlight that, “In 2022, the fashion industry can return to growth as changing category landscapes, new digital frontiers, and advances in sustainability continue to present opportunities.” This presents a positive outlook on the fashion industry amidst several factors that are changing the framework within which the fashion market operates.

Despite a hiatus, designers have returned to fashion weeks, and have begun exhibiting their latest collections and designs. This has initiated many new trends in the industry, and fashion enthusiasts are welcoming them with open arms. DEMOBAZA is a label that has gained significant traction in the last few years, and has recently exhibited their AW22 line: Metatron.

Trends from AW22

Avant Garde Outerwear

It seems that with every year, outerwear is becoming bigger and bigger. From Acne Studios to Saint Laurent, designers were sending models down the runway adorned by enveloping jackets, blazers, and coats. Balenciaga, who has been producing oversized blazers for a number of years now, continued the trend in their recent, ostentatious showing. However, the designer outerwear was not just oversized, but amplified. Outerwear seems to be the latest ‘it’ accessory, as it is seen in numerous variations and silhouettes. Every designer now has their own unique take on the statement jacket, coat, or blazer.

The Ultra Mini

Miu Miu made headway in the media this year when they launched their collection that exhibited micro mini skirts. The skirts have now been worn by multiple influencers and celebrities. Notably, Nicole Kidman wore the mini skirt, along with its matching crop top, on the cover of Vanity Fair, the Hollywood Issue. Similarly, the set was also worn by TikTok influencer, and budding designer, Xenia Adonts at Coachella. This has caused many fashion enthusiasts to purchase similar micro mini skirts, and even thrift them at their local vintage and thrift stores. Diesel has also released their own version of the micro-mini, however, their version was adorned with thick belting.

Structured and Sublime

Tailoring has always been an integral part of the fashion industry. Designers have been known to incorporate menswear tailoring and detailing into their feminine designs. This has created a juxtaposition between distinctly feminine silhouettes, and masculine structure. This year, designers are utilizing non-traditional tools for structure. Garters, halters, and corseting, are common themes amongst designers. Structure is also often achieved through avante garde silhouettes, and oversized, tailored garments.


Y2K has been trending for a while now, and seems to be still going strong in 2022. Designers are exhibiting low-rise jeans, trousers, and skirts, and have adopted more vibrant color palettes. This is a departure from the neutral obsession of the twenty-tens. However, designers are putting their own twist on the Y2K standards. Handbags are an accessory that has been highlighted in recent years, and many notable fashion houses are re-releasing handbags from the early 2000s. Notably, the famed ‘Moto’ bag by Balenciaga has been updated and released. The bag draws inspiration from the iconic Moto bag of the early 2000’s, but is updated to fit the contemporary.

Copyright: DEMOBAZA


DEMOBAZA is a label that is headed by designers Demo and Tono. The label focuses on designing for the future, where structure and tailoring meet subversive basics and avant garde silhouettes. The label attempts to create a ‘deconstructive uniform,’ where notions of consciousness and love are intertwined. DEMOBAZA is known for their structured garments that are usually presented in shades of gray, beige, and toupe. The garments are often draped in an organic way, but have an element of strength to them.

Recently, DEMOBAZA has showcased its latest collection: Metatron. This collection is a departure from the themes that the label has previously explored. The collection highlights bold pops of red, and exhibits oversized and avant garde silhouettes. The garments also explore geometric elements, as well as color blocking. In addition to this, the designs showcase structural elements, where hoods and outerwear are exaggerated, but remain tailored and precise. This illustrates the label’s ability to transform structure and utility into a fashion forward, and enlightening collection.

Final Thoughts

The fashion industry is slowly returning to its former glory by adapting to a new climate and transitioning into the online space. Designers have begun to exhibit their latest collections, and in doing so, have shaped the newest trends for 2022. Whilst structure and tailoring are always in style, designers have found a way to make it contemporary and evocative. DEMOBAZA, amongst other designers, have shone a new light on the themes that have ruled fashion for decades.